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Léa l'attentive is a photographer and dance instructor based in Paris, who constantly treks throughout Europe for her work. 

With a diverse background in portrait, corporate, dance and LGBTQ+ weddings, she is sincerely devoted to the outcome of her work and thrives to ensure the happiness of each client. Bilingual in French (mother tongue) and English. Any questions or inquiries please don't hesitate to reach out on the contact page


Salon des Artistes Hôtel de Ville 

PARIS - 2016

Fix Photo Festival Menier Gallery

LONDON - 2018

PhotoFusion Brixton Gallery SALON

LONDON - 2017

Whitechapel Gallery 2019 Press release exhibition “Queer spaces: London, 1980s - Today” 

LONDON - 2018


Paris Hôtel de Ville

PARIS - 2015

Grand Prize Winner : Category The Year of The Woman Fix Photo Festival 

LONDON - 2018

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